Don't just take my word for it, here's what my clients are saying about me:

"I was so happy with my experience at Artistic Rose Salon. The owner Rose, is so informative, kind. I will definitely come back to see her again!"

Letty K.

"I love getting my hair done at Artistic Rose. Rose definitely knows how to do my highlights and most importantly how to do it well consistently! I love the individual attention that she provides."

Anna C.

"Rose has been cutting my hair for 20 years. This may sound trivial, but she's the only stylist who has cut my hair as I wanted, the correct length and whatever I was needing. If your a man looking for a good haircut, I'd recommend Rose. She's awesome!"

Bill R.

"Wonderful! My hair looks and feels so healthy and I love the privacy of the environment. Rose also is quick to respond to communication. I will definitely go back, even though I don't go to a hair salon that often."

Antoinette A.

"I have been going to Rose's saloon for about four years now. My hair was damaged, curly and hard to manage, but with Rose's care it is now silky smooth and easy to style . Rose takes the time to fully understand her customers requests, and makes wise recommendations based on her knowledge. I especially recommend Rose for special color requests, as this is clearly her specialty. I am certain Rose will provide excellent service and you will be pleased with the results."

Anne C.

"I have been a client of Rose's for over 9 years and her sterling reputation as a Master Colorist and Stylist is hard earned and well deserved. Rose has completely taken my hair from a horribly damaged orange to WOW! Sometimes change cannot occur in one session, and this was true for me. When I first started going to Rose it took multiple sessions to correct my color and reverse the damage other hair salons had done to my hair. I didn't understand enough about color correction and the damage my hair had sustained, but I gave Rose a chance and I'm so glad that I put my trust in her. She knows exactly how to listen to what you really want, how to help you with what your hair really needs, and how to help you bring out your best inner best."

Jennifer G.

"This is the only stylist / colorist I have had the pleasure of using over 7 or 8 times every year for the last 6 or 7, and I have ALWAYS been very happy with my appointment experiences and results. You just can't go wrong with Rose. I recommend her services and salon without reservation to anyone who takes pride in their appearance!"

Lisa C.

"First of all, I called Artistic Rose last-minute on a Saturday night (5pm) in hopes she could squeeze me in. I know how that puts a small business owner in a tough spot, but my schedule had suddenly just opened up, and with 3 babies, that rarely happens, so I thought I may get lucky. Well, Rose was able to see me, and luck had nothing to do with it -- she was kind and gracious, and after a 6-day workweek, she STILL gave me her undivided attention as I explained what I wanted done. Twice throughout our consultation, she could have steered me toward more expensive treatments or "upsold" me on which route we took (color/cut), but instead she got to the root (haha) of what I wanted, not what she could sell. I didn’t realize that until she rang me up and the total was much less than I had expected. Other hair color artists have done similar multi-dimension highlights for me, but they had to charge hundreds of bucks to do it. Rose was able to work with my natural base color to achieve the same killer result without going the expensive route. I’m so grateful for that! It was also quicker, which is so nice. As for my style, she nailed it. I showed her a picture of something I know clearly was NOT what she would have chosen on my face shape/personality, but she made it work because the whole appointment was about what I wanted, and that was refreshing. I like an edgy 2016 cut – sometimes asymmetrical or sometimes with that heavy pulp-fiction fringe, or a faux hawk, and stylists are always trying to give me a half hearted version of the wild styles I go for. Not Rose. Rose first made sure I knew what I was doing, then made it happen. I’ll be back for sure!"

Bethany J.

"Rose has been doing my hair for over 22 years. She is a professional and expert colorist. I highly recommend her for all of your hair styling needs."

Christine Q.

"Amazing hair stylist. She is a hidden gem. She has been doing hair for 30 years. So lucky to have found her! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a colorist or stylist! I have a lot thick long hair that is not easy. I had been traveling to DC and Baltimore before I found Rose. She cares so much about her clients and takes the time to fully understand what they want to achieve as well as explains how it can be achieved. Rose is remarkably talented and such a perfectionist when it comes to her clients."

Caroline D.

"Excellent service, clean and well designed in home salon. Rose provides a comprehensive approach to your personal hair style and color needs. Highly recommend Artistic Rose Salon. "

Kelli A.

"Rose has colored my hair two times now and it always turns out amazing! When I first came to her my hair was extremely unhealthy, but with her help it is now beautiful! I will continue coming to her for all my cuts and colors as long as possible!"

Megan Lee

"Rose has being doing my hair for over ten years. She is very professional, the salon is very welcoming. Rose works with different types of hair. I get a Wave Nouveau Perm and it turns out beautifully every time. Rose and I have developed a good friendship over the years. My overall rating is Excellent Customer Service, Beautician and Color Specialist."

Alice H.

"Rose has been doing her artistry on my hair for about 15 years, or more, and there is definitely something good to be said about that. I think most women would agree that it can be frustarting at times to find that beautician who you feel comfortable with, who understands your hair, and you feel great about the way you look. So, to whatever salon Rose goes...I go. Some of the salons along the way were lovely but lacking. It's espeically nice to be pamaered in a relaxing, calming atmosphere without distracting noises and chatter, and that is what Rose has created in her salon. (Actually, I think sometimes I talk too much, but she is a great listener.) Rose is a true professional and so I, along with her many clients, thank her for taking such wonderful care of us."

Betty Fox

"It has been over 15 years since Rose has been doing my hair. It has been great to know Rose as a friend and a professional. I hope that Rose and I continue our friendship on all levels."


"I just come to eat seriously. No, I've been going to Rose for my hair for what 5-6 years? Ask my hair what has never looked or felt better! Rose should have considered bartending for a living - She is such a good listener too - I get good advice and a shoulder to cry on when I need one, and suggestions for dinner! She is a real professional and someone I consider a friend."

Karen Hznite

"Rose I am so happy to have you for 6 years, my hair looks so nice because you take care of it really nice. But more importantly, the important thing is that I have a wonderful friends. You have a place in my heart, you are a the Best!"

With Love, Maria Marlin

"I have been coming to Rose for 4 1/2 years. She does a wonderful job. My hair color looks 100% natural. Her salon is comfy and relaxing. She is the Best!!!"

Candy McMahon

"Rose has been cutting my hair for over 9 years. She kept trying to change locations to hide from me but I kept finding her. I never thought I would stay with one person cutting my hair this long, but Rose has a way of growing on you. She always has a smile, the best goodies in Northern VA to treat her clients and her giveaways are a special treat too. She always seems to find time to fit me in with little to no lead time from me. My hair has thinned some over the last 9 years but her style for my hair seems to cover up some of this. As long as I am in Loundoun County, I will continue to come to the 'Best Stylist in the World.'"

Mike Mariotte

"Rose is a master of color. She collaborates well, discusses options and possibilities with you, and always delivers. I've had so many compliments on my color over the years, and they're all due to Roses's skills."

Tana Sutter

"Rose is an amazing stylist and colorist. She has been coloring my hair for around 15 years now and not only provides a great look, she helps me keep my hair in great condition. She is professional, an expert in her field, and after 15 years a good friend. Her salon is awesome. The atmosphere is very comfortable and welcoming. Rose is committed to excellence, very customer oriented, and truly a wonderful person and friend. P.S. She always has awesome snacks!"


"Rose has been cutting my hair for over 20 years and I would never go to anyone else. I've followed her from one end of the county to the other, and will continue to come back until I no longer have hair. I plan to relocate in a warmer climate someday, but I'll make the trip back to Rose whenever I need a cut. Plus, she's also a very sweet lady."

Doug Payne

"Whenever I wake up and brush through my hair, I thank Rose for the great cut! I can ride my horse, wear a helmet, and meet clients in under an hour from dismounting from my horse. The compliments keep coming --> all credit goes to Rose! You're the Best!"

Krasi H.

Really talented, really professional.
Outstanding ability with color.
Special person, friend, and client.
Exceptionally good at what she does!

Thanks for all you do! Tania

"I have been lucky enough to know Rose for over 10 years. I cannot recall how I was first introduced to her, but it was when she had her shop in Leesburg. Now, going to her salon in Purcellville is a treat I look forward to every few weeks. After each session, my hair looks wonderful and my soul, from our wonderful chats, is refreshed. She has helped me with the 30s to 40s transitions. (Now she can help me tackle 40s to 50s.)"

Deborah West

"Three years ago... after stumbling upon Rose's salon by way of a much-needed emergency visit (my long hair was 'stuck' in a hair roller - my own attempt at curling it for a Christmas party.) :-( I was saved from disaster by Rose, and we began a long-term stylist/client relationship which I enjoy to this day! I wouldn't even contemplate (not even for a minute!) going anywhere else for color or styling. Although I've moved out of Loudoun County, I still travel for an hour to Artistic Rose. She's worth every minute of the journey. :-) "

Lisa Chatterjie

"Artistic Rose does a masterful job with my hair & color! She understands color, texture, cut, and style. Thank-you Rose for teaching me about the value of a great hair dryer and diffuser, and for all the effort you went through to get me one. I also appreciate the products you sell: conditioner, shampoo, spray, travel sets, etc. I love my hair again, thanks to you! You are so much more than my hair dresser, you are my friend. Thank You Rose!"

Tanya Matthews

"My hair has been snow white and thinning for the last 20 years. Rose makes me look younger and keeps my hair in great condition. She does a great job with my color, and is able to minimize my thin spots. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else."

Katie Neville

"I moved to VA two years ago, and had been searching for a new hairstylist. It was frustrating! Then I found Rose in the Yellow Pages. I am so glad that I found such an artistic and amazing hair stylist. Rose always does a great job with my hair - infact, after my first visit to Rose my friend Barb didn't even recognise me! (Now she is a client too!) I love her salon - it is private and convenient. I also bring my 14 year old daughter to Rose. We both come to the salon together and do a mother/daughter visit. Rose always seems to be in step with how to make our hair look fresh and attractive. Rose has a great talent for style & color, and we are delighted that she is our stylist and friend."

Charlene Blundell

"For more than an decade I have trusted Rose to color and style my hair. I feel that I am in "expert hands" having a master colorist perform her magic. I walk away feeling a great deal more beautiful than when I arrived. Thank you, Rose, for sharing your talents and friendship."

With love & respect, Debbie Wilks

"A good hair-care professional is as difficult to find as a family physical or good mechanic. I do not trust just anyone with my hair and can count on one hand the number of individuals I have allowed to work on my hair. My search ended 18 years ago upon finding Rose. You can dress to the nines and accessorize your look, but a bad hair cut, style or color will ruin your efforts. This will not happen with Rose. Rose's expertise and customer service are unparalleled. She takes the time to get to know each and every client on a professional level; learning their likes, dislikes and lifestyle to create a look that is uniquely theirs. Rose will help you create a style that you can duplicate at home and recommend tips and/or products that will help achieve that "Salon look" everyday at home."

Christine Walczak

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. " ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson "It's truly amazing how a simple hair cut, color, shape, & style from Artistic Rose Salon can change your life! I have been a client of Rose's for the last 5 years. Rose is a Master Colorist & Stylist who has completely taken my hair from a horribly damaged orange to WOW! She knows exactly how to listen to what you really want, to help you with what your hair really needs, and how to help you bring out your best inner best!"

Jen Gibson

"Rose was extremely knowable about hair color correction. My hair color and cut was a mess from another local salon. Rose quickly calmed me and let me know she could not only correct my overly damaged hair, but could correct the cut also. I left her salon knowing I am now in good hands. She takes her time with you and really listens what you want. She also can deliver it too!! I LOVE my hair!!! Her prices are very reasonable for being a certified master colorist. Next time I will add some hi- lites to my new color."

Miriam Dauer